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Intermediate Reading 

For Students Who Can Already Read About 300 Characters

The Funnest, Bestest Mandarin Reading Class Ever!

We carefully choose awesome books and materials and incorporate them with games and activities to help students learn to read.  We are constantly improving our curriculum to make sure our students are engaged and progressing!

About the Class:

Class Curriculum

Our goal is for each student to go from reading 300-600 characters by the end of the course!  We achieve this by providing tons of fun activites in class along with review materials for students to use outside of class.  We use the popular Mandarin Companion graded readers to help students gradually build vocabulary.  We currently offer this course in just simplified characters.  If you're interested in traditional, please contact us!


We recommend students ages 6+ attend this class.  All students should have a good foundation in the spoken language before signing up for this class and be able to read about 300 characters.  

About the Teachers

We only hire the very best, most experienced teachers.  All of our teachers are certified and skilled at working with children.  To learn more about our hiring process, click here.


Students are expected to utilize the review materials we provide and review every day for 10-15 minutes.  Just a few minutes every day will double your retention and save parents money! (Learning faster=less classes needed=saved $$)

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