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Toddler Time

For Children Ages 1-3

0 to Bilingual in 60 Seconds or Less

Ok, maybe it takes a little longer than 60 seconds, but your toddler is at the perfect age to start learning a new language!  Our Montessori-inspired playgroups use proven methods to help children learn Mandarin FAST!

Toddler with Wooden Toys
Happy Family

How does it work?

Our curriculum is designed to help your child blossom during the period when language is easiest to acquire!  Studies have shown that learning two languages between the ages of 0-3 is just as easy for children as learning one!  (Source)  Give your child a head-start and sign up today!

Lessons Include:​

  • Songs

  • Simple Games

  • Toy Playtime (parents will be informed about which objects to bring for playtime)

  • Story Time

  • Playgroups are 100% Mandarin 

Babies in Playroom

About the Class:

Class Curriculum

This curriculum follows your child’s natural curiosity and language learning patterns.  We follow a Montessori-like approach by incorporating toys and household objects into our learning!  On top of that, we add songs and books to create a realistic immersion environment that is ideal for your child to learn!  This tried and tried curriculum is sure to help every child start on the path toward bilingualism.

About the Teachers

We only hire the very best, most experienced teachers.  All of our teachers are certified and skilled at working with children.  To learn more about our hiring process, click here.

Proud Mother

"I was amazed at how fast my child started speaking Mandarin with just a little bit of exposure each day!"


I don't think my child can sit through a lesson.  What should I do?

Just by being in the room while playing the child is absorbing the language!  We don't expect toddlers to sit and listen to a full lesson, but rest assured, your child is still learning even if it doesn't seem like they're paying attention.

Most companies don't have classes for kids this young.  Why should I start now?

We can give you three good reasons to start now!

  1. Save money!  Your child will pick up the language much faster now than in a few years from now.  That means your child will be on the fast-track to bilingualism and less classes for you!  Less classes over time = less money spent!

  2. Getting an early start will make your child’s transition into immersion school so much easier!  If you are planning on sending your child to an immersion school, having a foundation in the language is the best gift you can give them! 

  3. Most kids stop language learning programs by middle school because it is too hard/frustrating for them!  This class will give your kid the leg-up at a time when they are naturally curious about language!

I don't like my kid to have screen time!  What should I do?

A live, online class is totally different than watching Youtube or TV.  The reason TV or other media is bad for developing brains is because of the flashy lights, changing colors and noise that attract the kid's attention.  A live class is more like in-person interaction and will not have an adverse effect on your child's developing brain.  We try to use lots of toys and physical activities to make it like an in-person class would be!  

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