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Conversation Tutoring

Asian Boy
Toddler Time

For Kids Ages 1-3

Immersion-based tutoring for toddlers

Remote Control Toy Car
Cars and More

For Kids ages 2+

A fun, car-themed course for those new to Mandarin

Happy Girl
Level 1

For Kids ages 4+

A game-based conversation course for those new to Mandarin

Sharing Student
Level 2

For Kids ages 5+

A game-based conversation course for those with a good foundation in spoken Mandarin

Reading Classes

**students taking reading classes should already have a solid foundation in spoken Mandarin

beginning reading

For kids ages 4+

Learn to read 0-300 Characters (Simplified and Traditional Options Available)

Reading in a Bookstore
intermediate reading

For kids ages 6+

Learn to read 300-600 Characters (Simplified) ​

Astronaut Helmet
advanced reading

For kids ages 8+

Read the Magic Treehouse books and more! (Simplified) 


Science Class

For kids ages 6+

A hands-on immersion science course for intermediate to advanced speakers

Female Student
AP Test Prep

For kids ages 11+

This course will give you all the tools you need to ace the Mandarin Chinese AP test!

Choose your tutoring plan

Once you've decided  what you want to learn, simply choose a subscription plan and then book your first lesson.

Family Tutoring

Pay a flat rate of $12.50/half-hour and add $2.50/person for each additional family member joining the lesson.

1-1 Tutoring

1-1 Tutoring at $12.50/half-hour.

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1-1 Subscription Plans

Choose how many times/week you want to have classes.

  • 2 Half-Hour Sessions

    Every week
    2 Half-Hour Private Tutoring Session/Week
    • 1 Student/Session
    • 2 Half-hour Sessions/Week
    • Unlimited Access to Out-of-Class Materials
  • 4 Half-hour Sessions

    Every week
    4 Half-hour private tutoring sessions every week
    • 1 Student/Session
    • 4 Half-hour Session/Week
    • Unlimited Access to Out-of-class Materials
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