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5 Reasons to Learn Mandarin with Stride

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Our students learn really quickly, but what makes the difference?

1. Students do most of the talking

In our tutoring sessions, students spend most of their time practicing the newly learned grammar or vocabulary. We do role plays, games, and activities that enable students to apply the language in a fun, non-stressful way. This helps students learn much faster.

2. Lesson material is fun but practical

We always have so much fun in classes, but we make sure all the material we cover is relevant and useful. We may read a funny story about Martians but in the process learn how to introduce ourselves or talk about our interests. Our goal is for students to speak naturally and fluently.

3. Interactive games make students forget they're learning

Rather than rote memorization or lectures, we play games or do activities each class to bring Chinese to life! Our students love reading a book and then debating on whether the characters should contact the FBI about their supposed Martian teacher. Younger students enjoy playing "Simon says" in Chinese or playing matching games to help them learn new vocabulary. At Stride Mandarin Tutoring, we learn by having fun!

4. No tests

Tests are a really inefficient way to see how much someone knows in a language. Instead of tests or quizzes, our classes are task-based; that means once you can successfully complete a language task, you've achieved the goal! For example, students might learn how to ask someone for their phone number. Once students can do it fluently in a role play, they can start learning new things. To ensure retention, we do frequent reviews as well.

5. Teachers who really care

This may sound cheesy, but we really do care about our students. We make sure that all of our tutors are not only qualified, but also passionate about teaching Chinese. We select only tutors who consistently demonstrate love and understanding toward their students. Our tutors spend hours each week preparing lesson plans catered to our individual students, not because they have to, but because they really care.

We can't wait to meet you! Visit our sign up page to join one of our group classes or schedule private tutoring. 待会见!

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