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Level 2 Mandarin

For intermediate speakers with a solid foundation in Mandarin

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Level 2 Mandarin

Build upon your foundation with our fun Mandarin class!  We learn everything from household objects to how to take a subway in China, all while playing games kids love!

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Why this class?

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but this class comes with some pretty good perks!

  • Amazing, certified teachers

  • Fantastic curriculum

  • FREE review materials

  • Meet friends from all over the world

  • Affordable but still high-quality classes

Read more about the class below!

Class Info

25 Minutes per class

Meet 2-4x per week via Zoom

3-5 students perclass 

Sibling discount available

$7.50/class billed every four weeks

Ongoing Course 

Ages 4+

7 day free trial

**To use the sibling discount, please email us after you've signed up both kids and we'll apply the discount for you!

Class Schedule

This service is available through private tutoring.  Please sign up here!

More About the Class:

Class Curriculum and Goals

In this class we cover all the basics your kid will need to go from novice-high or intermediate-low to intermediate!  We use ACTFL language metrics to measure progress in the class.  This is a conversation-based class.  We don't introduce any characters because studies have shown that first developing a solid foundation in the spoken language makes reading and writing easier down the road.


Students are expected to utilize the review materials we provide and review every day for 10-15 minutes.  Just a few minutes every day will double your retention and save parents money! (Learning faster=less classes needed=saved $$)

About the Teachers

We only hire the very best, most experienced teachers.  All of our teachers are certified and skilled at working with children.  To learn more about our hiring process, please see our about page.

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Sibling Discount

We offer a 50% discount on the second sibling if the two siblings (or friends) share a screen.

Please email us after you've signed up both of your kids and we'll apply the discount for you!

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