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Level 1 Mandarin

A fun conversation class for kids who are new to Chinese.

Games, Songs and More!

Be prepared to have fun!  We employ the best Mandarin teachers in the world and combine them with a top-notch curriculum to provide your kids with an excellent learning experience.  Each class is packed with fun games and activities so students won't even realize it's a class!

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Why this class?

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but this class comes with some pretty good perks!

Class Curriculum and Goals

In this class we cover all the basics your kid will need to go from complete novice to novice-high or intermediate-low.  We use ACTFL language metrics to measure progress in the class.  This is a conversation-based class.  We don't introduce any characters because studies have shown that first developing a solid foundation in the spoken language makes reading and writing easier down the road.

Level 1 Curriculum Overview Link


Students are expected to utilize the review materials we provide and review every day for 10-15 minutes.  Just a few minutes every day will double your retention and save parents money! (Learning faster=less classes needed=saved $$)

About the Teachers

We only hire the very best, most experienced teachers.  All of our teachers are certified and skilled at working with children.  To learn more about our hiring process, please see our about page.

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