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Immersion Classes for Ages 6+

Immersive Learning and Fun for All

Have fun learning a new language and dance at the same time!  All of our dance classes are completely immersive (that means Chinese is the only language spoken), so you'll learn Chinese faster than ever!  ​


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Young Ballet Class

Beginner Ballet

 For Ages 6-10

June 21 - August 11

Join our 8-week, 16-session ballet class for only $125! (That's less than $8/class).

This class meets Monday and Wednesday at 2:30-3:00 pm MDT.

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Chinese Dance

 For Ages 6-10

June 1 - July 22

Join our 8-week, 16-session beginner Chinese dance class for only $125! (That's less than $8/class).

This class meets Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00-10:30 am MDT.

Dancers with Tap Shoes

Beginner Jazz

 For Ages 6-10

June 7 - July 28

Join our 8-week, 16-session jazz dance class for only $125! (That's less than $8/class).

This class meets Monday and Tuesday at 5:30-6:00 pm MDT.

To request a different time, level or age group click here.

worried about missing a class?

Go on vacation with peace of mind!  We offer FREE makeup classes!  Just contact us for scheduling.

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Ballet dancers

For less than $8/class you get:

  • Live Zoom classes​ with an experienced, professional dance teacher

  • Small group (3-6 students) Zoom classes 

  • Feedback from an instructor with over 13 years of teaching experience

We also offer trial classes and a sibling discount!  Contact us for more information.


Meet Our Teacher

​Yuki Guo is an accomplished Chinese dancer with over 13 years of teaching experience.  While in China she ran her own dance studio.  Now she's excited to teach dance virtually to kids all over the globe!