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Kids Playing with Lego
Wooden Cars

Cars and More!

Join us for a immersive Mandarin class for kids who love cars, vehicles, planes and more!  Each week we will use the toys you love playing with at home to increase vocabulary and speaking ability.  This is an immersive Mandarin class, perfect for young language learners.  

Smiling Kid

Why this class?

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but this class comes with some pretty good perks!

  • Amazing, certified teachers

  • Fantastic curriculum designed with active children in mind

  • Affordable but still high-quality classes

About the Class

Class Curriculum

In this class we'll use a variety of language learning games and activities to increase vocabulary while having fun with toys!  The curriculum is designed by trained, experienced teachers with young children of their own! We want to make it as fun and playful as possible.  We will take two weeks for each lesson to make sure the students thoroughly learn the material.  

What to Prepare

Students are encouraged to bring their cars and other toy vehicles to class to help students engage with the teacher, who will also be bringing their own toy cars!


None!  This class is designed for children who are beginning Mandarin speakers.  If they already have some background, that's great too!  We welcome all levels here.

Class Curriculum:

Part I:​

  • Lesson 1: Introductions

  • Lesson 2: Numbers and Colors

  • Lesson 3: Family

  • Lesson 4: Where are you from?

  • Lesson 5: Position words

Part II:

  • Lesson 6: Descriptive words

  • Lesson 7: Hobbies

  • Lesson 8: Everyday Objects 

  • Lesson 9: Animals

  • Lesson 10: Modes of Transportation

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