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AP Test Prep

For Ages 11+

Getting AP Credit can save you thousands of dollars in college, but you have to pass the exam first...

That's where Stride Mandarin comes in.  We'll make sure you're fully prepared for the AP Chinese test. 


Not taking the AP test?  This class will still help you learn advanced communication skills in Mandarin!  Learn more below~ 

Students Taking Exams

Why this class?

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but this class comes with some pretty good perks!

  • Amazing, certified teachers

  • Fantastic curriculum designed from top AP test prep materials

  • FREE review materials

  • Affordable but still high-quality classes

More About the Class:

Class Curriculum and Goals

Our goal is for each student to be ready to ace the AP exam by the end of the course. For those not taking the exam, we still expect them to develop advanced Mandarin skills.


Students are expected to utilize the review materials we provide and review every day for 10-15 minutes.  Just a few minutes every day will double your retention and save parents money! (Learning faster=less classes needed=saved $$)


Students should have intermediate-high to advanced oral communication skills and already be able to read at least 600-800 characters. If you're not there yet, you're welcome to try out the class! Plenty of students are able to catch up with constant practice.

About the Teachers

We only hire the very best, most experienced teachers.  All of our teachers are certified and skilled at working with children.  To learn more about our hiring process, please see our about page.

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